Liliya Georgieva


Създаването на един интериор минава през много етапи – от взимането на размери до физическата реализация на проекта.

Design is perception. Perception about the man, space and time.

I am often asked what design is for me and how I decide in which direction to take a project. The answer is as difficult as it is easy:
'Design is perception. Perception about the man, space, and time.'
Liliya Georgieva


The creation of the concept is a key moment in the creation of the interior. This is the most important moment in which the direction in which the project will take is determined.


The creation of the project is accompanied by many elements that must be created and combined to create the perfect atmosphere. 


The quality of the interior is an indicator of the professionalism of the designer. Often this process is accompanied by many additional skills, beyond the technical and artistic-aesthetic ones.

Виртуален тур

Едно неповторимо изживяване. Може да разгледате Вашия проект по един друг начин.

Авторски надзор

Стрикното следене на всеки един детайл от изпълнението.


The best way to find out what I am capable of is to entrust me with your object, and I will turn it into the place you have dreamed of.

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